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Thread: red sox will beat the angels

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    I hate both teams, esp the red sox. but the angels have a mediocre team, and were lucky to make the playoffs. they go down.

    yankees beat twins

    yankees vs sox ALCS, ya know what'll happen.

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    the angels have a deadly lineup, a deadly bullpen and their starting pitchers are playing the best they've been all season

    but I still think the Sawx will win

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    Angels in 4

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    Red Sox dont make the ALCS

    That's my prediction

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    My head and heart say the Sox win it.

    My gut says the Angels do.

    Angels/Twins ALCS would be awfully anti-climactic after the way the Sox and Yanks have battled each other all year.

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    Yankees over Twins 5
    Angels over Red Sox 5

    Cardinals over Dodgers 3
    Astros over Braves 5

    Angels over Yankees 6
    Astros over Cardinals 5

    Astros over Angels 7

    Angels are the hot team just as they were in 2002 when the clubbed their way to a title. Houston though with guys like Oswalt and Clemens should be able to overcome them and complete maybe the greatest comeback since the the 78 Yankees came from 14.5 down to win the World Series.

    I think the Yankees will have enough to get by the Twins but the Angels are a team that are not initimidated by the Yanks in any way. They can match up against the Yankees hitting wise and their pitching is better.

    As far as the Sox are concerned alot is gonna depend on today. If the Angels beat Schilling then it could a be a real short post season for the Sox. If Schilling wins then the Sox should really have a shot at taking the series.

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    I think the Bosox gut it out. Games 3 and 4, when Schilling and Pedro are out of the way, will be keys for the BoSox. They must win at least 1 of those, unless they are already up 2-0. I think it'll be a re-match of the 2003 ALCS again.

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    Kevin Millar at first base, Gabe Kapler in right field tonight- please, Tito! If Schilling pictches into the eigth - Sox should win this one - DESPITE the line-up. I can see it now.......Millar hustling towards a fielding a bunt and pooches it. BTW, I HATE Kevin Millar.

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    As usual, the Sports Guy is a good read.

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    Yanks vs twins in 3
    angels vs sox in 5


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