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Thread: Who are these undecided voters?

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    I heard on the tube today that 2 of 10 voters were still undecided.

    Who are these people? Do they just have difficulty making any kind of decision in any area of their life?
    Are they more likely to be lower income, less educated, or what?
    Are they highly emotional and wait for something drastic in the campaign b/4 making up their mind?
    Are they just timid and won't tell a pollster what they really think?
    Any ideas or have you seen any type of polling or research about these folks.

    Both parties are spending mega bucks and time trying to reach what, the 10% of the voters who really decide who wins? What a waste.
    How about a law that says, no primaries until July, no Conventions until last week in September. Let it all hang out for 5 months. If you can't get your message across in that amount of time, you're not qualified to be Prez.

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    Bush = Belichick. No?



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