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Thread: Twins fans on post their opinions..

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    check some of the replies in those posts

    I know the Twins are a good team, and Santana is dangerous

    but the Twins are heavy favorites over the Yankees?? :blink:

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    Well considering the dissary the Yankees starting pitching is in can you blame them ?

    It isn't hitting that wins in the post season it's pitching and this is probably the weakest starting rotation the Yankees have had since Torre has been here.

    This is going to be a very tough run this year for the Yankees.

    It could also be very short.

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    It will be a tough run, but I do not think it will be short. The key will be the Yanks getting runs early, to allow them to dictate the situation, instead of playing catch-up as they did all season long (60+ come from behind wins).

    A-Rod and Sheff are in their 1st Yankee post-season, and both having terribly ends to the season. Big test for those 2.


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