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Thread: Anahiem looks lost--Red Sox steamrolling

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    I wish I had posted this before today's game began (I intended to)....

    Personally, I think seasons version of Anahiem baseball isn't going to do well in the playoffs. Basically, Vladimir G. and a total meltdown of the A's starting staff backed this group into the playoffs.

    Percival and Erstad said it all, when they told ESPN this team was way off in terms of chemistry, compared to the team that won it all a few seasons ago.

    At that time, the team was owned by Disney and Michael Eisner let Bill Stoneman and Mike Scoscia make all the baseball moves. They leaned heavily on draft picks that went to college (moneyball?) and came through the system together. It was like 25 fraternity pals playing together for a common cause.

    The teams new owner has money, but can he buy chemistry? A player like Jose Guillen would never, ever been considered an option back in the Disney days--too much bagage. With that, the Disney like chemistry and magic seems to be missing.

    Point? Money can't buy titles and these clowns seem to be going down. If they do go down, the Sox will be rolling a postive upstream tide.....

    Watchout, this may be the season the Sox LOSE another game 7 in the World Series (ala '86, '75) :o

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    i personally think the red sox are better than the yankees, so dont get me wrong

    but can you really write off NY pitching staff and say Bostons is supperior?

    schilling - 2nd best pitcher in baseball
    pedro this last month - :blink:
    lowe - garbage
    wakefield - garbage
    arroyo - inconsistant

    mussina - 1.75 ERA in September, 3-1 record
    Leiber - didnt lose in september
    Hernendez - lets just hope his arm doesnt fall off
    Brown - <_<
    Vasquez - no comment :ph34r:

    as of right now, both teams have had problems with their 2-5 pitchers, but all i hear about is how great Schilling is <_<


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