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Thread: Who to Start???

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    Westbrook has the bye this week, so I'm having trouble with who to choose. Edgerrin James is my #1, so that's a no-brainer. My two backups are Lee Suggs and Emmitt Smith. Suggs is finally healthy, but playing a tough Steelers defense. Emmitt's old, but he's been great thus far, and he's playing the 49ers. Who would you start?

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    ooh.. tough choice... I haven't paid much attention to how either of these guys are performing. A quick glance makes me think that Emmitt might be a more consistent point-gainer game in and out... do you think your game will be a tight matchup? If you need to take a risk, I would go with Suggs...

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    browns will prob throw the ball alot against the steelers


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