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Thread: My respect for RSN has increased 100 fold

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    I just spent the past 30 minutes reading a five page thread on Mariano Rivera over at SOSH

    I will admit I hesitated initially for fear it would be in poor taste, and I am very emotional about this particular player ... who IMO is a far better man than he is a pitcher, and he's a HOF pitcher

    Anyhow, I hesitated initially but then I took the plunge

    I must tell you, I have never been more pleasantly surprised in all my life

    I went in expecting the worst, but instead I found the best mankind has to offer

    Overwhelmingly these folks were incredibly respectful and kind ... offering up prayers and all sorts of kind words ... and to my complete shock there was even a virtual unanimous call to offer Mariano Rivera a standing ovation AT FENWAY during the pre-game introductions, just as a show of support for the tragic blow he and his family have been dealt

    It was actually very moving to read ... VERY MOVING ... I had to fight back a few tears ... that how incredibly decent the folks at SOSH were {and they clearly represent the most passionate Red Sox fans}

    I say this in all sincerity ... I have never felt so proud of this rilvary and I have a completely different view of RSN as a result of this

    I had always believed, in fact was convinced, that Red Sox fans carried a hatred towards all things Yankee that bordered on ugly

    But I have now come to realize that I was wrong ... I have been wrong about these people all along ... while they love their team and hate the Yankees, I now realize it is absolutely in the spirit of competition and NOT UGLY

    I have seen another side of RSN ... expressed towards a Yankee I respect, admire, and feel more deeply about than any other Yankee, and during a time of great suffering for him and his family ... I have seen a humanity from these folks I will not soon forget

    Dare I say it, I always felt the worst thing that could happen in a sports sense would be for RSN to experience a winner in my lifetime ... mostly because I had these folks all wrong ... misinterperted the animosity in a sports sense to be something far more sinister ... BUT NOW, I must admit I would not take it quite so hard if these folks were to taste the fruit of victory

    We're still gona try to beat your brains in, but I would no-longer view a loss as a complete disaster

    In short, these are not BAD PEOPLE ... in fact, many of them are GOOD PEOPLE

    COMPETITIVE PEOPLE {as are we Yankees fans} ... but GOOD PEOPLE none-the-less

    PS. There was one Red Sox fan who argued against some show of support for Rivera during the introductions ... JUST ONE ... and you should have seen the others attack him for his stance

    To a man they said when the game starts IT'S ON ... but they were equally as adamant about a PRE GAME show of support

    It was extremely moving ... perhaps because I was just dumb enough not to see it coming ... it really caught me by surprise

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    .....unlike you, JonE - who is just a plain 'ole wolfe...

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    Originally posted by Garbanza@Oct 11 2004, 11:53 AM
    .....unlike you, JonE - who is just a plain 'ole wolfe...
    Garb - You got it partially right. JonE is an 'ole' an a-hole.


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