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Thread: Alan Hahn Booked for My Radio Show

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    OK, I've officially booked Newsday's hockey writer Alan Hahn for my radio show. He will be on Tuesday October 26th at 9:05 PM with a return appearance on Tuesday November 9th. (I'm gonna check to see if we can get him to come in and take your calls on the 9th)

    Please use this thread to submit the questions that you would like me to ask him.


    Sports Talk is on commercial-free every Tuesday and Thursdsay night from 9PM to 11PM on New York's 90.3FM. Unfortunately, we are not yet webcast.

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    Obviously, the main issue is about the current lockout, but I would like to hear opinions whether this is the opportunity the NHL needs to force the issue with the players regarding a contraction. There are just too manyteams, playing in areas where there is not a following for the sport.

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    Ask him if both sides plan on holding meetings and pretending that this issue is somewhat important to the survival of the league or if they're going to continue to periodically meet and hope ths situation works itseld out through Osmosis.

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    Just a reminder......

    Newsday Isles beat writer Alan Hahn will be calling in live to my radio show Tuesday night at 9:05 PM.

    In addition to answering questions from the hosts of the program, he'll be answering questions submitted to me by Isles Message Board posters like yourself. He'll also be promoting his upcoming book (coming out in November) Birth of a Dynasty: The 1980 New York Islanders.

    Alan will also be returning to the show on November 9th. That may be an in-studio appearance, which would allow him to take your phone calls.

    Program Info: 2 hours of Commercial-Free Sports Talk every Tuesday and Thursday night from 9PM to 11PM on Long Island's 90.3FM. We are not yet webcast, but depending on atmospheric conditions (and your radio), the show can be heard in most of the Tr-State area. Audio of the interview will be made available upon request, too. Thanks.

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    Just an FYI:

    For those in the area, Alan Hahn will be signing copies of his book tonight at the Manhasset Barnes & Noble on Northern Blvd. at 8PM.

    And, on Thursday, he'll be at the St. John's University Bookstore from 12 Noon to 2PM.


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