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Thread: I Need to Drop A Player

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    Here are some of the players I could drop...

    Deon Branch
    Onterio Smith
    Ashlie Lelie
    Michael Clayton
    Jerry Porter
    Jets D
    Atlanta D

    I do not have a back up qb on my team. Peyton Manning is my starter and he has a bye....I need to drop one of these guys and pick up a qb to start this week

    back up qbs available

    Sage Rosenfels HA!!!!

    The rest of my team....

    Ahman Green
    Deuce Staley
    Lee Suggs
    Jevon Walker
    Hines Ward
    Phil Dawson
    Eric Johnson

    Let me know what you think

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    drop Porter of one of your Ds.. normally i'd say you have to go with Rattay, but you dont want to have your QB facing the jets.. next best would be delhomme (has to pass with no healthy RBs) or the rook in pittsburgh..

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    drop onterio smith and pickup rothenwhateverhisnameid!!

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    Drop Deoin Branch.

    The Patriots spread the ball around. He could have a 10 catch 147 yards 1 TD game like he did int he Superbowl and then have watch Givens go 5 ctaches 113 yards and Patten go 4 catches for 97 yards the next two weeks.

    He would be nice as a back-up and if you had insight when he would be a focus. Plus, with his injury, you just never know.

    I am close to dropping him on one of my teams.

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    Posters of the night...any suggestions?

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    pick up either Delhomme or Roesthliberger. The rookie has been solid, Delhomme might be a little iffy this week because they are playing the Eagles. In any rate, the consensus here seems to be to drop Porter, and I definitely agree. He is on my team also and has amounted to jack %#$. Funny how he said he was striving for 2,000 yards receiving this year. I think he's barely broke 100 and we're 5 weeks in.

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    Drop Branch get Roth, Teste or Bledsoe.. You gotta think that bledsoe and the bills are gunna pull it together soon.
    I think Roeth is gunna make too many rookie mistakes.

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    Porter is the man in oakland.


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