Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004 10:32 a.m. EDT

Kerry Backfire: New TV Stations Want to Air Vietnam Film

Complaints against the Sinclair broadcasting network by John Kerry's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee may have backfired, with non-Sinclair TV stations now expressing an interest in airing the documentary "Stolen Honor."

The film chronicles the top Democrat's role in the anti-Vietnam War movement.

"A few other TV stations around the country have contacted the producer of this documentary as well," Sinclair spokesman Mark Hyman told nationally syndicated radio host G. Gordon Liddy on Tuesday. "So there appears to be some growing interest in making this available to the nation's viewers."

Hyman said that Sinclair's decision to air the documentary was driven in part by a desire to pick up the slack from other broadcast networks, which have increasingly shunned news coverage in favor of entertainment programming.

Referring to the 13 Vietnam-era POWs who appear in "Stolen Honor" criticizing Kerry for protesting the war alongside the likes of anti-American actress Jane Fonda, Hyman told Liddy, "If anybody has earned the right to be heard on the subject of Vietnam, it's these men, who suffered such horrific abuse and unspeakable torture."

"For 31 years John Kerry has run away from that," he added.

Hyman said that while the exact format for the broadcast has yet to be determined, Sinclair has invited Kerry to give his side of the story after the broadcast.