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Thread: Was James Rassman mistaken?

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    [quote][b]by Grant K. Holcomb, 24 August 2004

    I do not doubt the sincerity of Mr. James A. Rassmann regarding his version of events on March 13, 1969.

    My own experience and review of such part of the record as is available convinces me that then First Lieutenant James A. Rassmann is right about then Lieutenant Junior Grade John F. Kerry helping him out of the water. However, Rassmann is wrong about Kerry heroically saving his life.[/b][/quote]

    [quote][b]The right questions have not been asked and pertinent U.S. Navy and U.S. Army operational, administrative award, maintenance, and medical documents have not been reviewed, which I believe would disprove Senator Kerry's claims.

    I cross-referenced the available official Naval documents and numerous statements from Senator Kerry, Mr. Rassmann, and several other officers and sailors who participated in the "Sea Lords" tactical operation on March 13, 1969.

    I use a military "findings of fact" format, presented in chronological order, to describe this incident.

    Kerry and Rassmann contradict themselves many times. However, multiple versions match on several points with other first hand accounts, so I weighed those findings as being the most accurate.

    The official Naval documents reviewed for these findings, to include the after action report (SPOT report), award citations, and battle damage report, were downloaded from the Kerry website.

    The closer the date of the statements to the date of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the more embellished and divergent Kerry's and Rassmann's statements became as compared to older first hand observations and official Naval documents.

    Here are my findings:[/b][/quote]

    [quote][b]32.) An act of heroism is defined as going "above and beyond the call of duty." It was Kerry's duty to pick up Rassmann when he fell out of Kerry's boat, not an act of heroism. Kerry could have been charged for dereliction of duty if he had not done so. If the U.S. Navy higher chain of command knew that there was no enemy weapons fire, the medal would not have been awarded.

    33.) Rassmann is mistaken about Kerry "saving his life." Swift boat PCF-51 picked up the other men in the water from Swift boat PCF-3 and could have also picked up Rassmann as well.

    [url=]Especially note Nos. 21-25[/url]

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    How can you trust a guy who gets a focus group to test out sound bites, and then claims those are his mother's dying words?From he same man who lied about his heritage when it suited him, or married rich women for cash or slandered his comrades in arms. This man is a POS.

    Knock Bush. God knows there are reasons. He's done an awful job on immigration and controlling spending. But this is the choice. And Kerry is a lying sack o'crap.


    Eau Claire, Wisconsin-

    Sep 28, 2004

    After serving with John Kerry, a veteran says Kerry is better suited to serve in the White House. Jim Rassman was in Eau Claire on Tuesday to campaign for Kerry. Rassman says Kerry saved his life when he pulled him out of a river during a battle in Vietnam. Rassman says he voted for Bush in 2000, but says he doesn&#39;t plan to back the President this time around. "There are three character traits John has that George Bush does not have and they are [u][b][i]integrity, integrity, integrity[/i][/b][/u]<.b>. I trust John Kerry implicitly. I don&#39;t trust a thing George Bush tells me," said Rassman.

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    Don&#39;t you know Jane Fonda Kerry can cure the cripple and the blind. Christopher Reeve would have been on the U.S Olympic gymnastics squad this past year if Jane Kerry was president .

    Jane Kerry is god, of course he save that man.


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