I don't like to toot my own horn, but I saw this blowout coming in Game 3

Every comment I made these past few days made that crystal clear ... I genuinely saw a blowout coming tonite

I can't even tell you how supremely confident I was about Game 3 ... I think my posts made that pretty clear

But even I did not see 19 Runs ... I'm not gonna lie ... while I saw a Yankee rout tonite, there is no way I could have seen a rout of EPIC PROPORTIONS

I mean, who could possibly know the Yankees would be setting franchise and MLB offensive records for an ALCS Game like they had a license ... tonite the records were dropping like flies ... and even I didn'y see that coming ... HOW COULD YOU!! ... I sensed a rout these past two days, but what we saw tonite was just insane

As muh-man Rich Eisen used to say ... tonite the Yankees just BUSTED OUT THE WHUPPIN STICKS!!!!!