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Thread: The Strike Zone

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    No matter who you root for, the home plate umpire in every game seems to have a strike zone about the size of a stamp or quarter. So every pitcher feels compelled to treat every pitch as if he has to be perfect. No one calls the high strike at all, which is absurd, since that pitch can get crushed by a decent hitter. And so, instead of watching batter hit, we're stuck watching deep counts and at-bats that last forever, and games that go 4+ hours. And fielders standing around all night seem prone to make errors from boredom. All the stepping out, mound conferences, sign shakeoffs and constant crowd shots make baseball almost unwatchable and interminable. It too damn long. I'd bet that outside of the cities involved, nobody is watching this.

    There is no reason for any inning to take up to an hour. But we're back to umpires calling "their" strike zone rather than the rule book.

    By comparison, if you ever see anything on ESPN Classic that's uncut from the 50s, 60s or 70s, batters never leave the box and pitchers throw the ball shortly
    after getting the ball back. Why they don't take the steps needed to get back to that is a total mystery.

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    I remember a few times in the first two games where the pitchers benefitted from strike zones the size of the batter's box.

    I agree that baseball is practically unwatchable during the playoffs, especially when your team is getting their asses handed to them.


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