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Thread: Cpt. Caveman looking like garbage out there

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    As George Kell would say, "Jesus Christ, somebody's gotta help Damon". Caveman has been nothing short of AWFUL during the ALCS. Absolutely awful. Swinging at junk. Has holes in the bat. Making poor decisions. Everything. He's batting a whopping .042 during the series (2 for 25 i think currently), got lucky on a little broken bat chopper to Cairo, and made by far one of the worst bunts in the playoffs so far. If he makes that bunt, you have runners on second and third with 1 out and all it takes is a sac fly, instead he popped out and then Cabrera hits into the double play.

    What happened to the Damon that had been blazing through the season?

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    He was the same way last year against the Yankees. Granted, this year he took it to a whol enew level and not in a good way.

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    He is AWOL right now. We need him to get on base.

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    Originally posted by ScottishJet@Oct 19 2004, 05:42 AM
    He is AWOL right now. We need him to get on base.
    I think a bigger issue is that Manny has not driven in a run this series. Yanks need this to continue, and also to stop pitching to Ortiz.

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    HOw can Manny drive in runs wwen there is no one on base?


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