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Thread: These Two Teams Are Dead Tired

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    Most Yankee fans don't like to admit it but one of the reasons that The Yanks lost to The Marlins in The World Series is because, The Red Sox took alot out of The Yankees last year in The ALCS.

    By the time, Boone hit that extra innings game winner. The Yankees had exhausted all their energy and pitching staff just to beat The B-Sox.

    They came out flat against Florida and ran out of gas by the end of that series. The bats fell asleep and the pitching staff was worn down.

    Fast forward a year later and Boston is doing to The Yanks now what they did last year. The Yanks have to win this series in 6 because they really need the rest. Due to the rain out Friday. The Yanks and Red Sox will be playing their 4th straight game in 4 nights and these last two games have been like 3 games total. You've got two games that were over 10 hours total and were 25 innings long.

    Boston and The Yankees bullpens are spent and the everyday players are spent right now. Notice how the bats have gotten quieter the last few nights.

    The Yankees need to get this game 6 and get rested for the world series. Mariano and Gordon have pitched 3 nights straight. I could only imagine how spent this team would be if The Sox tied the series and forced a game 7. That would be 5 straight grueling games where The Yankees entire team will be stretched out.

    The Yankees should win this series because Schilling is a tremendous question mark and The Yanks have Leiber, Brown and El Duque ready. The Bo Sox have a one legged pitcher and insert exhausted pitcher here.

    Leiber should be well rested. It's time to let him throw atleast 120 pitches. If you can get a big lead early. Let Leiber go all the way. I don't care if he's given up 6 runs and The Yanks are up 11 to 6. Just let him eat up innings.

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    Hard to fault your logic YJF.

    On paper the Yankees own this series.

    Game 6 the Yankees bullpen is actually in better shape than the Sox bullpen (because Duque and Vazquez are available for relief, and could both probably go more than an inning), Schilling is a GINORMOUS question mark and Lieber is a robotic strike thrower who is perfectly suited to protect the Yankees bullpen.

    Game 7 the Sox pitch ?????? (a tired Derek Lowe I would think, except Francona said they might use Lowe today, which would mean, uh, a very tired Arroyo? Wakefield and his rubber arm?), the Yankees throw out a reasonably rested Kevin Brown.

    And both games are at the stadium--- where the Yankees would have a huge advantage in extra innings.

    So yeah, it still looks pretty bad for the Sox.

    That said.... if they can win game 6 they go into game 7 with question marks, but all the momentum in the world..... As much as the potential game 7 matchup would favor the Yankees..... well, I'm sure no Yankees fan wants ANY part of a game 7, questionable Boston pitching or not.

    Of course, still a big advantage to the Yanks for game 6.

    I also agree, and you've expounded eloquently on an idea I alluded to in another thread, that this series is battering and bruising both teams. Both teams are bleeding right now.

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    Excellent post YJF.

    I said a similar thing before the series. My fear was if the Sox could get by the Yanks they would have expended so much energy, they will have an empty tank.

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    Originally posted by PFSIKH@Oct 19 2004, 05:23 AM
    Excellent post YJF.

    I said a similar thing before the series. My fear was if the Sox could get by the Yanks they would have expended so much energy, they will have an empty tank.
    Excellnt YJF. You nailed it.

    The only break the AL champion gets is if the Cards can extend to a game 7 against the 'Stros. That would be on Thurday, and the winner there would also be a bit expended.

    That said, I'm still in favor of the Yanks in the WS. Moose and Lieber would be on full rest in Games 1 and 2 for Saturday and Sunday. El Duque and Brown are also on full rest for Tuesday and Wednesday, Games 3 & 4. Hopefully, the 'pen gets some relief the next few days, and they are ready for the WS this weekend also.

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    Thanks guys.

    A rainout would save both teams here but it doesn't look like it will happen tonight.
    Game 6 is on.

    If I am The Yankees, You have the flexibility to go to Vasquez or Duque in The 8th to get you to Mo. Gordon is spent and you can't completely trust him right now.

    I can only imagine what would happen if another one of these games goes extra innings. The Yankees always have the advantage at home because they get the last at bat.

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    my friend told me that 10 outa the last 11 WS winners were the team who won the ALCS/NLCS before their opposing team did.


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