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Thread: I WANNA PLAY TONITE!!!!!!!!!!&

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    DON'T RAIN THIS GAME OUT!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!

    I AM FRIGGIN SEETHING!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!

    PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!& #33;!!!!!!!!!& #33;!!!!!!!!!& #33;!!!!!!!!!& #33;!!

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    So what's up ... are they gonna play this game tonite, or what? Angry

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    I have been trying to find that out all day.

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    I have very mixed feeling on playing tonight. Although I would like to see baseball tonight I am very worried about the Yankees bullpen. However the same can be said about Bostons. However I think playing tonight has one key advantage on Schilling. With the cold weather and the wet field I think this could really screw Schilling up. The combination of his bad ankle and a wet mound and infield at the Stadium could be a major factor in his performance, and one of the key reasons I think we will win tonight.

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    it's wet out there, schilling will have a problem if there is a game tonight


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