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Thread: tony clark

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    this guy always strikes out.

    will olerud play tonight. I was very mad when he got injured, he is a great postseason hitter, and never swings at stupid pitches like clark always does.

    clark is so predictable

    2-2 count, high fastball is coming.....STRIKE 3
    1-2 count, high fastball coming.......STRIKE 3
    3-2 count high fastball coming.......STRIKE 3

    this guy has the slowest bat I have ever seen, he can only hit changeups, and only hangers.

    he better show up tonight, or I don't like our chances.

    yeah, olerud does make a huge difference.

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    Tony had some great years in Detroit, and is an absolutely stellar clubhouse guy. When he was in Boston he was a favorite of the fans, media and front office. Unfortunately, he stunk up the joint.

    It seems that his height hurts him as he ages and his batspeed slows down. He has long arms and a long swing, when he was younger he had the batspeed to deal with his elongated swing.

    There aren't too many players at 6'8".

    BTW, he's starting tonite, as is Sierra over Lofton. This only helps the Sox.

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    I like his pop in the bat!!

    Take him over Olerud...JMHO

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    Tony Clark, Jason Giambi what's the difference ?

    I would take Olerud over either of these two. You have to play what you are dealt though.

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    I have been missing Travis Lee lately...good hitter, good infielder. Nice upgrade over both Clark and Olerud.

    The bad news is that Olerud is definitely out for this series. That hurts because the Yankees are playing with a 24 man roster right now. Big disadvantage.

    If they Yankees win I think this gets Giambi back on the roster.

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    Tony Clark is a bum, I hated him being the 1B of the Mets last year.

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    what I tell ya!!??


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    If I was Torre I would have went balls out and pinched hit for Tony Clark. I would have made Lofton pinch it, and if we tied the game I would have put Posada at 1st base and made Flaherty catch.

    You gotta go BALLS out in that situation. Torre didnt.

    Hope we get it right tomorrow.


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