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    [url=]Weekly Reader Poll[/url]

    Not sure if the above link works. I am sure most of you have seen this already. This may not be scientific, but it reflects the views of moms and dads. Not factored into the results of this poll are the views of:

    -reclusive militant vegitarians
    -out of the closet trans-genders
    -NAMBLA members
    -dead people (sorry Philadelphia!)
    -young, single, on-the-go types who will only answer cell phones

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    No candidate has ever lost the presidential election having won this poll, since the poll started (I believe in the 50's).

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    From the [i]Weekly Reader[/i] website:


    Weekly Reader erred in its previous public statements that students voting in the Weekly Reader presidential poll have chosen the winning candidate every election year since 1956. In fact, the poll has been correct 11 out of the last 12 elections, but students did not select the winning candidate in 1992. We regret this error in our previous statements.[/b][/i] [url=]Link.[/url]

    Apparently, the formula doesn't work when you're running for re-election and your name is Bush.


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