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Thread: Super Tuesday!!!!

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    Everyone do their part and vote today? (assuming you didn't do it earlier?)

    Any issues at the polls?

    Mine was nothing exciting, got to my polling place (34th and 2nd Ave.) at 7:00, the line was already around the block! Eventually got through the line, they had 1 booth set up for my entire voting district! Crazy!

    Anyway, took me about an hour, but nothing big.

    Just wondering if anyone had any issues today.

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    I live in the burbs, south of Boston. I voted at the local high school without incident.

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    No problems here in Tampa.

    My wife left work early yesterday to vote and got home at 9:30. Spent nearly 5 hours in line. I voted this morning and was in line for over an hour. Most everyone had their sample ballot in hand and the line moved fairly quickly.

    About 2 million people or roughly 20% of registered voters in Florida voted early, blowing away the expectations.

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    I voted this morning. There was no major lines. Things were orderly. No one disenfranchised me. I voted for George Bush and I feel great about it. This election season many of us have poured our hearts and souls into this election. Today is the day to put up or shut up. If you haven't voted yet I urge you to get out and vote. Call your friends and get them to the polls. Drive them there if you have to.

    If you know anyone who is still on the fence as for who to vote for remind them of these universal issues.

    1. If Kerry wins Teraysa will be the first lady OMFG!
    2. If Kerry wins the same folks who danced in the streets after 9/11 will be dancing in the streets once again.
    3. If Kerry wins he will sell out Israel to gain favor with the UN
    4. If Kerry wins Barbera Streisand will have a direct line to the White House
    5. If Kerry wins Michael Moore will be invited to the Whitehouse like a statesman 6. If Kerry wins Janeane Garofalo will be happy
    7. If Kerry wins Osama will claim victory in influencing out election

    Did I miss anything?

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    I voted by absentee Florida..........for Palm Beach County <_< <_<

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    I voted this morning, not too long of a line. One funny thing is a guy waiting on line ahead of me asked the official if he could use the touchscreen machine. The official told him it was broken, she said it wasn&#39;t charged. I looked at the machine and it was plugged into the wall and the display screen was on. WTF does it need to charge if it plugged in? Oh well, I think they just didn&#39;t know how to operate it.


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