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Thread: Just got done watching "HBO's "Miracle On Ice"

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    Just got done watching HBO's "Miracle on Ice" about the 1980 Olympic Team. Funny how the country's greatest sports achievement and perhaps most uplifting event as a nation in the cold war was in a sport that is in danger of being nonexistent. Maybe the players and owners should sit down and watch Miracle and then decide what they are doing to the sport. I know a lot of people don't people don't watch hockey, but for the die-hards like me, this is killing us. The day Bettman became Commish should go down as one of the darkest days in NHL history. Burn in hell Bettman.

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    Burn in hell Bettman.
    It's not Bettman's fault, it's the greedy union. NHL players are way overpaid.

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    They are both at fault. But for the money the NHL brings in, the players need to take a pay cut. No two ways about it.
    And there needs to be a cap to prevent the Rangers and Red Wings from overspending everyone.

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    Bettman has destroyed the league through overexpansion, specially into nontraditional and noninterested markets, terrible TV contracts and attempting to act and compete on a level with MLB, the NBA and the NFL.

    The player union has destroyed the league through absolutely ridiculous contract requests, some in part in Bettman's aspiration to make the NHL one of the big 3.

    The owners have destroyed the league through letting this s**t slide for so long.

    Screw em all. The only side effect of no NHL is Sportscenter going from bad to worse with all of the NBA highlights.


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