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Thread: Islam Is A Toilet Religion

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    Did you see the lunatic that set himself on fire in front of the White House the other day???? His name is Mohamed Alanssi and he was supposedly protesting his treatment as a Federal terrorist snitch... Who knows for sure with these people, they seem incapable of telling the truth. Why is it that whenever we hear the name ?Mohamed? it is always followed by a story that involves explosions, murdering children or some other egregious and irrational form of violence... Why don?t we ever hear the name ?Mohamed? followed by the terms ?humanitarian, patriotic American, speaks out against violence or great guy?? What is it about the name ?Mohamed? that always conjures up negative images? Oh, I know, it?s a Muslim name....

    Yes those peace loving Muslims really do produce some first rate characters. I remember the day after the terrorists attacked the Twin Towers. I think a couple of them were named Mohamed. Anyway, Anne Coulter wrote a column where she advocated us invading all Muslim countries, murdering their leaders and converting the savages to Christianity. She still stands by her request and so do I...

    Not only is Islam a false religion but it?s also a religion that is incompatible with any semblance of peaceful coexistence.. For centuries Muslims could mistreat and murder each other in the confines of their toilet countries. Surrounded by sand dunes and with plenty of camels and goats to have relations with they bothered no one that mattered... Then by cruel fate it was discovered that below their sand dunes, where they fornicated with animals and young boys, they held oil. All of a sudden the 10th century was met with the 20th century.. It?s been a bit like releasing a wild ape into Manhattan. The animal is incapable of behaving himself and getting along with others so he destroys anything he cannot comprehend. The ape is addled by his inability to reason and communicate. The Arab is inhibited by his toilet religion. ..

    Of course time and time again the apologists at the New York Times and the Boston Globe have informed us that the terrorists are not practicing ?true Islam?. This was the same crowd that defended the Soviet Union and China on the grounds that they were not practicing ?true communism?. If only Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot had practiced true communism we wouldn?t have had more mass murders in 60 years than in centuries of wars in the name of Christianity. What they failed to realize is that communism was ideologically flawed and primed for rule under brutal despots... The same can be said for Islam. ..We can talk about the true nature of Islam but it means nothing in practice just like true capitalism as opposed to how it?s really practiced.

    The fact is that Islam has nothing of value to offer the civilized world and the Islamists know it.. Name me one thing in recent times that the Islamic world has created for humanity. Name me one humanitarian effort that they have undertaken. In spite of the wealth bestowed upon these Arab nations they have nothing to show for it. Billionaire Osama Bin Laden lives is a cave and rides donkeys... These nations are dependent on Western workers to build and design virtually everything in their cities. They can?t even get the damm oil out of the ground without us.. They are a lazy, filthy, cheating, lying and a cowardly lot of savages... They resent the fact that their gutter religion and toilet cultures are unable to keep up with the civilized nations of the world so they withdraw in a hate filled world fueled by Islam...

    The mindset of the Islamist has changed little since the Crusades... They are no more educated or civilized than they were in the Middle Ages and to them the Crusades have never ended.. As I have said previously they were left to their own devices for 1,000 years so no one really cared what they did.. Part of the reason they have never lost the Crusade mentality is that their Koran specifically calls for the annihilation of non-Muslims.. Where as Christianity was forced to confront the two Commandments Jesus gave about loving God and your neighbor that trumped the entire eye for an eye concept from the Old Testament. Christianity could no longer justify the slaughter of humans in the name of God. Not so with Islam...

    Christian nations have also evolved and become more civilized since the Middle Ages.. Why pursue slaughter when we can pursue our goals through business, technology, and the arts? Arabs have none of these things and when confronted with them react like the ape and they simply smash and destroy out of ignorance, fear and an affinity toward evil... The mullahs, clerics and other satanic figures that pose as religious men are able to get these animals worked up into a froth without having to appeal to the intellect.. The West has become to the Arab what the Jew was to the Nazi. We are the source of all hatred and blame for all the many shortcomings of the Muslim and his toilet religion....

    Our problem here is that many of these camel humpers really believe the hate filled theology of Mohammed, the false prophet.. So as long as they believe this crap in sufficient numbers we can expect the violence to go on. Unless of course we start really start challenging their faith. Most people will renounce their own mother if put in enough pain, discomfort and deprivation... If we can isolate, embargo and attack these Arab hellholes with all our might, those people who are luke warm believers in Allah will turn on the murderous element as fast as you can say ?Rama Dam?. Rationalizing, dialogues and treaties will not work with these primates.... All they will understand is brutal and unrelenting violence in a form the world has never seen. So let?s stop kidding ourselves about Islam being a peaceful religion and Arabs possessing anything that resembles a civilized culture.. The annihilation of Islam, as it is practiced, is the only solution to realizing an unprecedented era of peace....

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    Good stuff NEH. Did you write this whole thing? I can't imagine any publication you could have cut and pasted it from.

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    Koom By Yah, Islam is the religion of Peace


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