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Thread: What`s up with Coach Edwards

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    Every Monday,i watched the "Coach Speak" segment on the NFL Network,and i`ve notice that Herman Edwards has become real short with the reporters.He does his best to answer them,but IMHO,it looks like he would have more fun taking a S#it.I think Herm has had his filled with these reporters,and he`s doing basically what the league mandates.I also believe if this man remains the HC,media access to the Jets is going to become more and more tough.This Town could be turning a Gentleman into just another New yorker.What ever happen to common decency.

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    It's all Tom Shanes fault.

    he and that idea of bringing Mike Shanahan in.

    For shame

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    i figutred someone was going to blame the Dolans

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    not Shanny...Gary Kubiak. I remember so he's doing a damn good job advertising.


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