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Thread: Mistakes by everyone during the game yesterday

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    1. What in the world happened on that punt? I was at the game, and the referees explination of, "We weren't ready" didn't seem acceptable.
    Of course, it ended up benefitting the Jets, with Moss's return, but still... But for those complaining about the Jets getting every bad call, don't forget that one.

    2. The end of the 1st half... Why would wouth the Texans wait untl 3 seconds before calling time out... and then, why would the jets just snap the ball and run around for a couple of seconds before kneeling. So many things could of gone wrong on a punt, and they punted in the field of play... That's was dumb

    I was wondering if these things were explained anywhere.

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    The only thing I can guess is that something goes down that doesn't make sense somehow the Jets are a part of it.


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