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    I read your thread about Abe. Your concern is palpable, and we all feel it. I didn't see the game(couldn't get it here in Montreal),but heard about Abe's injury after the game. I heard he went off, was looked at quickly, was taped and he actually tried a few downs to see if he could play. If this is correct than I think we are looking at a first (or 1 and a half)degree sprain which would probably see him back in three games(he'll miss Pitt. and the following game). There may be other factors that I am unaware of, but I am only going on my own experiences of 16 years as an Athletic therapist/Osteopath dealing with this type of injury. We are certainly lucky it was not a meniscus or cruciate ligament tear, because that usually is season ending. I think we are a team that fights back when adversity shines its face in our eyes. Bryan Thomas has improved greatly, and even though he is not Abe himself, he definetly has quickness and toughness. I honestly think he and the rest of the team will do fine, and still have a good chance to beat these next two teams until Abe comes back. I remember the game where Thomas saved a touchdown by running all the way down the field to make a tackle on some RB who had escaped our other defenders. To me that showed great speed and courage, so I think we really will do fine with him. Don't lose too much sleep over this . This team will always find a way to win. GO JETS GO!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;

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    see that GJ&H you wanted a medical opinion you got one muh man

    sounds pretty accurate by me -

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    Great Job, TDJ .... that info is greatly appreciated

    Thank You

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    My pleasure!


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