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Thread: Another great Ed Anger editorial

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    I'm madder than a lesbian prison guard in an all-male jail at this Charles Manson follower and convicted killer Susan Atkins, who's whining that she's "a political prisoner" and deserves special treatment!

    This murdering hippie scum, who joined in the slaughter of seven people on Manson's orders back in 1969, has filed a lawsuit against the governor of California. She claims his policy of banning parole for convicted murderers is too harsh -- and if it weren't for politics, she'd be set free.

    Of course, all the bleeding-heart liberals are behind "poor little Susan" 100 percent. They say this piece of filth, who helped to butcher beautiful, eight-months-pregnant actress Sharon Tate with a knife as she begged for the life of her unborn child, ought to be allowed to go her merry way.

    Well, if Susy wants to be treated like a political prisoner, I'm all for it. Let's give her exactly the treatment real political prisoners get in countries like Cuba, Red China and Iran. That means break out the brass knuckles, electrodes, tire irons and cat-o'-nine-tails, folks.

    Let's see how much this bloodthirsty Jezebel likes getting a cattle prod logjammed where the sun don't shine, so far up her eyes glow like 350-watt light bulbs; being stretched on a rack until she's six inches taller; and getting bamboo shoots rammed under her toenails on a daily basis.

    Heck, I hear that a lot of Saddam Hussein's old torturers are out of jobs now. We can put 'em to work giving Susan and the rest of the Manson family -- including Squeaky Fromme, the nutcase who tried to kill President Ford -- the same deluxe treatment they gave political prisoners over in Iraq.

    Once sicko Sue and the rest of Manson's minions get a taste of the "special treatment" for political prisoners, they'll stop whining and complaining and beg to go back to their cushy jail cells -- I guarantee it. As for Old Swastika Head himself, he deserves extra-special political-prisoner status.

    I say we ought to haul him to the middle of the prison yard and publicly disembowel him. Next, use a branding iron to replace that stupid swastika on his forehead with a Star of David. That'll drive Manson crazy.

    Then we ought to chain his arms and legs to wild horses and order them to giddy up in four different directions, so he gets torn to pieces.

    What's that you say? "But won't that kill him?" Well, duh. We should've strapped that long-haired maniac -- along with his whole pack of rabid, murderous mongrels -- into Ol' Sparky and pulled the switch back in '71.

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    What gives? :blink:


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