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    So I'm on a cruise in the Caribbean last weekend and I'm hanging out with my buddies, pounding Hurricanes from the bar and whatnot, and they start Karaoke up on the huge stage. The typical old-folks are up there doing Sinatra tunes, a couple of hillbillies get up and do some country--the usual karaoke crowd. Then, this plain looking guy gets up, kinda geeky, and does the best damn version of Springsteen's "Dancin in the Dark" that anybody has ever heard. He's singing, dancing, whatnot, and the crowd is going wild. About 50-60 people in there, mixed nationalities, having a great time. So he finishes and the crowd is juiced, and the next guy gets up to do Karaoke and he announces that he's a Marine on leave, and that he wants to do Springsteen's "Born in the USA," and wanted us all "to get up for the troops." So, he gets up, flat-top and all, and starts singing, dancing, doing the whole thing, trying to get the crowd going, clapping and whatnot--the crowd immediately went nearly silent and looked completely uncomfortable. Now, the guy wasn't a bad singer--in fact, he might have been better than the 'Dancin in the Dark' guy--but the crowd obviously wanted no piece of a patriotic sing-along to a song about Vietnam. I just thought it was odd.

    Is patriotism dead? Or was everybody just Springsteen-ed out?

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    where'd you get the cruise tickets,

    you damn hippie

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by bitonti[/i]@Dec 22 2004, 08:04 PM
    [b] where'd you get the cruise tickets,

    you damn hippie [/b][/quote] stole my thunder.

    What was it an ANSWER convention?? Must of been one fun cruise! :lol: :lol:

    On a better note when I cruised Italy and Greece on my honeymoon they ship had a special event for all Americans on the boat on July 4th, tons of patriotism- songs, dances, a USA cake. Albiet this was 7/2000.

    [quote][b]Is patriotism dead?[/b][/quote]

    No, liberalism is! :D


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