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Thread: Tsunami death toll reaches 120,000

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    As of this moment the death toll is at 120,000 ... but due to disease from dead bodies, a contaminated water supply, misquitos, and many other variables, scientists are saying three times that number may die from the diseases that follow this disaster

    In fact, they pointed to a natural disaster that occured in the third world in the 1970's where 23,000 were killed as a result of the disaster ... but three times that number were killed from the diseases that followed ... and that was an earth quake ... this water disaster will make the diseases far more plentiful, and this can be far more deadly

    And what's making it difficult, if not close to impossible to conduct an immediate response in terms of a serious blitz of health care professionals, is the water and the wreckage ... there are no means of tranportation ... there are no roads

    I'm speechless :(

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    I've NEVER seen anything like it in my 30 years on this Earth. I mean, we've all seen our share of natural disasters and unfortunately as we all know too well, man made disasters, but this Tsunami is on a scale unprecedented since the early 20th century when a million died from influenza.

    In an age where technology has enabled the standard of living and life expenctency to rise dramatically, this type of disaster is unparelled.

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    Just to add to this Ham. They said on CNN to let you know how large scale the death count could wind up. There are currently 14 Americans confirmed dead and there are 3000 missing and unaccounted for.

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    IMO: A more advanced warning system wont help anything. Just panic in the streets making it more difficult to escape.

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    We could spray DDT to rid the area of disease-ridden mosquitos...wonder if we will.

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    Last I heard was 117,000, now it's even more huh? This is terrible, those poor people barely had anything to begin with and now this, absolutley terrible.

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    this disaster is almost uncomprehensible

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    The death toll is nearing 150,000 ... and still counting :(

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    A world tragedy occurs and not one liberal post about global warming or pinning the blame on Bush?

    I'm shocked.


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