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    man, when I was a younger kid I bought those penny hardaway shoes with the blue on the sides, those shoes were the best! and I remember being a huge penny fan, and he was 1 of the best players in the nba at the time

    what has happened to penny? for christ sake, he's a reserve/backup player on the knicks right now right? :blink:

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    i dont get why he wants to be traded????

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    Anfernee Hardaway's is the only NBA jersey I've ever bought.

    I wasn't even a Magic fan either. I was just stuck in Orlando and I didn't want a Shaq jersey.

    Upon further review, I should have went for the Shaq!

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    Penny was great for the majic. injuries have robbed him of the talent he once had. I doubt he can put out for 30 minutes a night anymore, and he is but a shadow of the playmaker he once was.

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    hes a great reserve!!!

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    Originally posted by JetMan55@Jan 13 2005, 12:35 PM
    hes a great reserve!!!
    I've seen him take tough shots with 12-15 seconds still on the shot clock. It's almost like he's trying to prove that he's still like he once was. Makes you scratch your head on occasion.

    He still plays decent defense, and handles the ball well. Unfortunately, his greatest value to the Knicks may come this summer, when his 15.7 million expiring contract is peddled to some team trying to get under the cap, and a decent young player is acquired.


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