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    More proof that open borders are a disaster. Kill someone in America? Fleee to Mexico...and you're free.

    Bush better watch out. If the border is open just to keep construction firms and agricultural consortiums happy, this kind of thing will eventaully eat the responsible alive. Want to protect murderers? Don't get our business; don't expect Americans to vacation there; and clode the damn border.


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    The U.S and George Bush are way too busy worrying about skewing the supply of labor up, in order to cut the wages of the American people. Obviously, they are paying back big corparate donors that see unions and American workers as vile, replaceable widgets....Sad thing is, states and cities have to deal with the enourmous social and financial costs of these illegals**, while Bush's crowd gets cheap, exploitable labor.

    Mexico, as I've pointed out before, is like the 15th wealthiest nation on the planet...Problem is the elite's in Mexico (mostly whites) are so corrupt and refuse to pay almost any taxes. Their way of dealing with native Mexican's is to try to push them off on America so 1) America has to deal with the poverty and social issues 2) These illegals send tons of money back to Mexico (remittances) to prop up the biz's mostly run by the corrupt elite in Mexico.

    Bush, for some inexplicable reason, is going head first against the will of the American people on this issue. 82% of Rep's and 76% of Democrats want border control.....Also, as Former Clinton pal Robert Reich recently said: There is no job Americans won't take; it's just a deal were employers don't want to pay liveble wages.


    Couple links:

    **[b][SIZE=3]Illegal immigrants bankrupting hospitals in Jersey[/SIZE][/b]

    [quote][b]"New Jersey hospitals generate about $15 billion in total annual revenue, so people may assume that [b]$200 million[/b] would have little impact on the industry," said Sean Hopkins, the senior vice president for health economics at the NJHA.

    "However," Hopkins said, "even with all those revenues, the hospitals in this state expect to generate a total net surplus of just $78 million, and some 40 percent of the hospitals in the state expect to lose money.

    "When you look at those tight margins, the $200 million figure suddenly looks much more important," Hopkins said. "For some hospitals, the money they spend on uncompensated care for undocumented immigrants may force them to delay a big service or economize on existing care....."[/b][/quote]

    Full text: [url=][/url]


    [b]Bush playing with fire on amnesty issues, giving Dems a chance to re-win:[/b]

    [quote][b]Within a week of his election victory, word began to leak from the Bush administration that the President is resurrecting a failed plan to amnesty the millions of illegal aliens in this country. Let me briefly summarize the consequences of President Bush's proposed policy of amnesty for illegal immigrants as it relates to his base of conservative voters: imagine a brick wall covered in long, poison-tipped, stainless steel spikes. Now imagine George Bush running towards that wall as fast he can, downhill......[/b][/quote]

    Full text: [url=][/url]

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    But how can you guys be so cruel to these people? We're America...we need to embrace these people with open arms. Let them all in. Anybody who wants to come into this country should be allowed to. I mean it is a [i]free[/i] country, right?

    Show some compassion, you damn righties.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by TheBrodyMan[/i]@Jan 11 2005, 10:49 PM
    [b] But how can you guys be so cruel to these people? We're America...we need to embrace these people with open arms. Let them all in. Anybody who wants to come into this country should be allowed to. I mean it is a [i]free[/i] country, right? [/b][/quote]
    what's really bull**** is that our allies the British get hassled like crazy if they want to visit or live here - in the name of "national security" and in response they are doing likewise to Americans that try to visit or live there

    the borders are only secure at the gateways of the rich (i.e. airports) - there are millions of Mexicans here illegally and that's fine but god forbid someone from Britain or Europe wants to come for an extended tour -

    that's Bush diplomacy for you - sell arms to our enemies (the SAUDIS), give aid to military dictatorships (the PAKI's) and piss off anyone who can actually help us.

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    With people who emigrate LEGALLY, no problem.

    Bit's point is also true. If you're educated and speak English, you will be hassled. My wife's cousin from Belfast with a Master's in computer science was visited repeatedly by INS when he worked for Silicon Valley firms. But if you have no skills and don't speak the langauge(and don't plan to), come on in. Take all the social services you can get. The American taxpayer is a chump.

    But just allowing this willy nilly/do what ever you want "system" is bankrupting communities. When Bush said, in connection with his insane amnesty proposal, that illegals take jobs AMericans won't do, I wanted to grab him by the throat and punch him in the face. And I voted for him!

    Yes, it's an information age, but we have to have blue collar jobs for some people. Someone has to fix your plumbing and your car. And ther jobs the illegals take are jobs at entry level positions for teens and working poor in those areas. And many of these jobs, especially in building trades, were once unionized. You're knocking out the lowest rung of the wage scale, which costs you whether you know it or not by supply and demand. Thes jobs were done by Americans until this recent influx of illegals.

    Frankly, every teen should work. There's nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty. The act that many think actaul work is beneath them will have a societal cost. Seems like every 18-year old thinks he should be VP of MTV or an NBA point guard 5 minutes out of high school. And what Bush said in that regard was a destructive to teens as any rap video. Nah, kids-you're [i]too good [/i]to wash dishes, bus tables, mow lawns, hammer nails, etc.

    Note also-it's ILLEGAL. Once you don't enforce these laws(and that's especially true re-employers), where does it stop? What other laws will you ignore? And where does it stop? That which you tolerate, you encourage.

    So, huge construction companies and Conagra and ADM get illegal workers from shapeups and pay them a pittance rather than a union wage. That affects the living standard of all of us. But for some cheap lettuce and poorly-built office buildings and homes, we'll have it. And on this, as a conservative, Bush is out to lunch. A cunning Dem with a populist appeal can and may kill the GOP on this in 2008.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Bugg[/i]@Jan 12 2005, 07:06 PM
    [b] A cunning Dem with a populist appeal can and may kill the GOP on this in 2008. [/b][/quote]
    i have very low expectations for the DNC - they are horrible and as much as it pains me to admit in many ways worse that the current administration. Incompentant doesn't even begin to describe the democratic party. Best case They would address the immigration issue but package it an unelectable package like Hillary Clinton.

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    Bush's obvious amnesty has really angered a majority of his Republican House members, who vow to get even if with Bush if he backs them into a corner on this [b]massive pardoning of law breakers[/b] (like it or not, illegal immigration has been a CRIME since around 1925).

    The Democrat's, after being slaughtered in the South election after election and who are starting to lose their strong grip in places like Minnesoata, Iowa and Wisconsin, are starting to see illegal immigration as a means of turning the tidal wave of aganst them back in George Bush's face.....Remember, the South used be almost 100% Democrat, until the Dems decided to get arrogant and take those voters for granted--Which is what Bush is doing now with this amnesty garbage.

    As we've stated, close to 80% of Republicans and 75% of Democrats want border control--real border control, not a silly Bush amnesty, cloaked as a business program :rolleyes:

    [b]The Demcrats are starting to pick up this and begining to run with it[/b]: Hillary Clinton has spoken out strongly against businesses that hire illegals New York; Former Dem powerbroker Walter Mondale has also spoken out very loud against our illegal immigration publicly and former Clinton pal Robert Reich recently told reporters, " there is no job Americans won't do...It's just a deal were business want to much cheap labor, subsidized by tax-payers".

    Ed Pastore, a hispanic democrat from Fresno, said he want's no part of Bush's asanine scheme, considering the double-digit unemployment in the Fresno region..."Liberal" Diane Feinstein has said the same thing :wacko:

    Best example is a woman named [b]Lisa Matthews[/b] (admitted lesbian and half hispanic), who ran for congress against Bush's open-borders stoodge David Drier in a 80% Republican district and almost beat the powerhouse Republican, who's been in office for 25 years, because she strongly denounced illegal immigration :o

    Drier, who used to arrogantly go on neo-con TV (Fox News) and laugh up his amnesty schemes, has now done a complete 180 and is introducing bills to stop illegal immigration...Message sent and received by Drier!

    There will be more people like Lisa Matthews lurking around the corner. 93% of eligible voters are "non-hispanic" and they want no part amnesty....of the 7% percent "legal hispanic voters", over 50% want no amnesty and that number is growing every day...

    [b]Bush can gut the Republican base for good by pushing this slave labor scheme, or he can do the sane thing and back away.[/b]

    As Republican Dana Rorbacher said in November: "If the 2 parties don't deal with this problem to the liking of the majority of the American people, both parties will be irrelevant in the near future".

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    Bush's amnesty, which is about the only thing I am against, plays better in his base in the Sun Belt\SW US than in the northeast. My local socialist, er Democrat rep in the northern suburbs wants it both ways, mostly one way in favor of the illegal or alien worker:

    Voted YES on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)
    Voted NO on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment. (May 2004)
    Voted YES on extending Immigrant Residency rules. (May 2001)
    Voted YES on more immigrant visas for skilled workers. (Sep 1998)
    Rated 0% by FAIR, indicating a voting record loosening immigration. (Dec 2003)

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    Nice points [b]Flushing[/b] and I agree with most...

    Only a minor disagreement: I don't believe these amnesty schemes are popular anywhere and may be most [b]unpopular[/b] in the Sunbelt and Southwest--because these places are most affected by it....For example, most of the states that have fought hard to curb this mess (i.e Arizona) are from that region. Colorado and North and South Carolina are likely to follow soon.

    Also, I think a very big problem is Senators serve terms 3 times longer than congressmen (who are much tougher on illegals)...because of that, they seem to be less responsive towards what voters want and more likely to be "bought" by big business--McCain is the perfect example of this. He feels so invincable, he won't go with the vast majority of Arizonan's--including over 50% hispanic--that want serious reform!

    Flushing, is your congressmen D-Major Owens?

    Now I doubt he is, but I'll never, ever forget the [b]10 minute tirade he unleashed in May of 2004 on RNN News[/b] against illegal immigration. He claimed black unemployment was over 50% in NYC and illegals were the core problem. He blamed everyone for not dealing with it, ect....He was so staunch and fired up, he would've made Patrick Buchanan look tame :o

    Next day, however, he voted [b]against[/b] employers being held accountable for medical treatment of illegals--joining the Bush bloc. :wacko:

    Is Owens like all the other congressman, corrupt and unwilling to serve his own voters, because big biz. pays his way?

    Or is he simply a stoodge in the DNC machine that can't vote his own way?

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    Owens isn't smart enough to be stooge for anyone; a hack and complete buffoon who's trying to hand the seat to his son when he retires. Which makes him fit right into the New York congressional delegation on both sides of the aisle. It can be argued even by a conservative that the most intelligent and thoughtful of the bunch is Hillary!, and only because she's utterly ruthless and in that regard at least has an idea. I'm represented by Anthony Weiner, who, living up to his last name, is often either a complainer or a hot dog. Every election cycle, he promises Brooklyn and Rockaway to turn Floyd Bennett Field into ballfields and ice rinks. But it never happens. Let's see...he's 40, fond of hair care products, unmarried, and has never held a real job. His main qualificagtion is that he fetched Charles Schumer coffee. And he wants to run for mayor. GREAT!

    Also, Weiner's another guy out to lunch who can launch into poetic waxing about the wonders of immigration at the slighest provocation without taking a position, as if it's 1905 and we need huge number of unskilled workers. Which is epidemic on this issue among politicians of both parties. Either they fear being called a racist or are in bed with businesses who benefit or both.


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