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Thread: Not over just yet?

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    A friend of mine with season tickets called the Lightning for a full refund for this season. The guy she talked to said he would give her a refund of the dates that haven't been played so far. She said she wanted the entire thing. He said "You don't want to do that." "Why not?" "I really can't say and I probably shouldn't have told you that?" "Why?"
    That went on for about 10 minutes til she got him to say that both sides have been keeping it out of the media, but they have been talking. The first week in Febuary is the last date they will concider having a season, but that it's not dead yet.

    Now this could just be all talk in order to keep her money in the bank for another few weeks, but at least it's something to hang some hope on.

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    I would imagine that if any kind of progress was being made whatsoever, it would at least reach somebody in the media. But then again, seeing that 75% of the country could care less about hockey, I doubt it really matters right now. <_<

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    There is no way they will have a season this year, and if they do it will be a joke and an insult..

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    2 sides cannot make progress when they don&#39;t talk.

    Your friend is beging dragged along so the Lightning can hang on to his interest free loan as long as possible.

    Not only is this season a wash, I think nect season is in jeopardy as well.

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    If they had any dignity they would call off the season and put 100% effort into prepping for next year.

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    not a bad idea&#33;

    Prepare for the future&#33;&#33;


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