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Thread: steeler are bastard

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    As Marcos would say

    FAAK the Steelers



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    just got done watching the replay of the Jets & Chargers playoff game on NFL Network. I think there were, like, twelve Jets fans at that game.

    Now I know it was in S.D., however, that place would have been teeming with Steelers fans had we had to play them there.

    Three weeks ago they were ready to run Pennington and O.C. Paul Hackett out of town, but now they're back to their 'ol bandwagon ways.

    I've been reading some of their posts over at [url][/url] and they really think all Steelers fans have mullets, sleep with their sisters, wear Members Only jackets and chew tobacco.

    I hope the Steelers kill that effin team.
    "Nice pick, Cowaah."
    from to you ;)

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    [img][/img]yeah i'd love to hit up one of those PA chicks


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