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Thread: Cop-killer a "Casualty of War?"

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    All the sympathetic spin about Lance Cpl. Andres Raya, the anti-war Marine, was dead wrong.

    He was a convoy driver and had never seen combat. He was not headed back to Iraq but transferred to a new unit scheduled for deployment to Okinawa. "During our investigation, we found...[he]never faced combat situations and never even fired his gun," Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Woodman said.

    He was on coke when he gunned down Sgt. Howard Stevenson.


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    Imagine that......

    A cop gets shot and killed in the line of duty and immediately the media's sympathy machine is pegged at Flank Speed for the ****head suspect.

    The guy was a gangbanger and all coked up when he killed that cop. The people blaming 'the stress of war' as ****bag's reason can kiss my ass. By the sounds of it, I saw more action in Bosnia and Kosovo then that duschebag ever saw.

    Those who have served know this: Sometimes you can take the kid out of the neighborhood but you can't take the neighborhood out of the kid.


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