Likely, nothing will happen, but this should make the open-borders crowd pause for a second---because it COULD happen! If it couldn't happen, all these folks wouldn't be investigating it :blink:

[quote][b]Boston terror threat probed
By Tom Farmer and Michele McPhee
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Federal and state authorities are investigating a nuclear terrorist threat against Boston after a man calling from Mexico told California police that he smuggled two Iraqis and four Chinese over the border, the Boston Herald has learned.

[b]"They got a call from across the border in Mexico to the California Highway Patrol and he said he brought two Iraqis and four Chinese (individuals) across the border and according to him, they stated soon to follow behind them would be some sort of material,''[/b] said a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

"He refers to some sort of nuclear material that will follow them through New York up into Boston.''

According to the source, the caller has not identified himself and did not show up for a meeting with federal investigators in California but he did leave pictures of four Chinese men and some names at a "drop'' site at the Mexico-California border.

"They were dropped by the source at a location. He literally threw them over a fence from Mexico to the U.S. side,'' said the source. "There are pictures of the four Chinese and some names but just how accurate they are remains a question''

Massachusetts law enforcement officials were notified of the threat at 5:30 a.m. today through the FBI and Boston Police Joint Terrorist Task Force.

The threat was serious enough that Mayor Menino ordered the Fire Commissioner and the state's Homeland Security Chief into his office at City Hall, where they met with officials from the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, a high-ranking city official told the Herald.

[b]"They are desperately trying to piece it together,'' said the offial, who added that if the threat is real it is "very scary.''[/b]

A company that trains explosive-sniffing dogs said it was alerted that the canines would be searching for a "dirty bomb,'' a New York City law enforcement official said yesterday.

The Massachusetts investigator said much of the man's information sounds far-fetched and investigators have some doubts about the caller's validity because he has not identified himself. [i][R-44 Comment: That's what they said before 9-11 :rolleyes: ][/i]

"A lot of it doesn't make sense and some of it does,'' said the source. "It's totally uncorroborated. This all began several days ago as a series of phone calls and they don't know who the caller is. There are some parts of it that just don't make sense and other little pieces of it that fall into place. The information is these people that came into the country are going to New York into Boston and the (nuclear) material will follow them.''

The source said there is speculation the caller may have been ripped off by illegal immigrants he helped over the border and is now trying to exact revenge.

"It's very weird. Even if (the Iraqis and Chinese) were going to do something why would they be blabbing to the yahoo smuggling them across the border? You have to wonder if they screwed him on a deal but you have to treat it seriously and the issue is how do you put it out to the public and not get everybody (in a panic)?''

The source said the information will soon "come out over police channels and BOLOs (be on the lookout).''

The source added the FBI office in San Diego is leading the investigation.

"The FBI in San Diego is the originating office so they are driving the investigation. The FBI in Boston is in a tough position because they are waiting for information''

The caller has not given investigators any means to contact him.

"They tried to set up a meet with him but he didn't show up.''[/b][/quote]