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Thread: Billy Volek

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    brooks is a just a guy as they say, He'll never develop into any kind of a quality qb you would probably wind up hating the guy if he ever had to start 3 games in a row for us. Let's cut him loose and maybe sign a experienced backup then take a chance with a develpoment type guy (who at worse could turn out to be the next Brooks Bollinger).

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    The Titans pipeline is officially closed to New York <_<

    I would be very surprised if the FO would trade Volek. He is very good at passing, but he sure took a lot of hits this year. Granted he wasn&#39;t playing behind all starters on the OL..

    All indications are that McNair is going to come back and feels better than ever. His sternum has actually had a type of defect for years, hence the afternoon after surgery he told them he felt better than he had in years. McNair&#39;s contract is not as bad as it sounds, that &#036;50 mil will never be paid and he knows that - there is an out in it for him and the team where he gets &#036;1 million that year.

    I really like Billy, but this is two seasons now that he has had major injuries to contend with - the spleen in 03 and now separated shoulder.


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