I really think you guys harping on the "big game" theory are wayyy off.

When your team is in a 1-4 hole and you come back to win the division...EVERY GAME IS A BIG GAME! You know the numbers...they were simply outstanding!

That Pats game was huge and you Pats fans know it. Green Bay was very good defensively that year and we crushed them. Colts were ranked top 10 that year in D...we know how that worked out (and yes I know about the first quarter screen pass..how was he the rest of that game.

And yes people were praising how well Penny did the first 5 games this year..he was great. Up until ripping his shoulder up he was having a great year..and even started very well in the first half against Buffalo.

I'm not going to use the Steelers game as an excuse, we moved the ball pretty well and could not get it done in the red zone. However he was brilliant against SD on the road. If that does not qualify as a big game I don't know what does.

For the stat freaks as far as defense go and who's on top or elite, I'm not going to bring up an old post that showed how well he has done against them. What I will say is that this QB when healthy is a great player. Sometimes I think his toughness gets him in trouble because he looks to take off like he's Fran Tarkenton instead of sliding. I know I'm not the only one that screams "get down" when he takes off for fear of injury....

He is not Tom Brady, who is showing he is the best right now. But he is a very good QB..and his stats and this team record when he plays shows that. If he can stay healthy for a full 16 I think he is a 24 TD 10 INT 3300 hundred yards type of guy. But the big IF here is staying healthy. This team "if healthy" is a 10-12 win team with Chad Pennington as the QB.

As for the Vinny lovers: I respect Vinny as a person and as a team guy, and believe he got a raw deal as far as the teams he played for earlier in his career. I also thinks he makes way too many bone headed plays. BUT if he has a running game and a good offensive line in a vertical type system he can be very explosive. He is an old Kerry Collins in my opinion.