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Thread: Where's the Saudi CIA?

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    Why don't these guys have an intel-gathering group?

    If they had spies that were worth anything, I'd expect we could learn volumes about sources of terrorist activity...and perhaps infiltrate beyond where the US CIA can go.

    I only today thought of this....I'm surprised "friendly" arab countries' intelligence communities aren't helping at all.

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    they aren't friendly at all - they say one thing to our face or when it's time to receive foreign aid (or sell oil or buy arms) - but make no mistake our "friends" the Saudis aren't our friends at all - they are suicidal murderers of the worst kind.
    that goes double for the Pakistanis -

    that is the company that this adminstration keeps - as long as the US continues to import as much as 20% of it's oil from Saudi those guys have us by the short and curlies.

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    Saudi Arabia is one of the most violent and repressive regimes in the world. I wonder if Bush is going to follow through on what he said in the inauguration, and "spread freedom" to Saudi Arabia. But they give us oil so by Bush's standard, that's just as good as being free.


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