Sask. town wants its $10,000 tsunami donation back
Last Updated Tue, 25 Jan 2005 19:19:09 EST
CBC News

MEADOW LAKE, SASK. - The Canadian Red Cross will return a $10,000 tsunami relief donation to a northern Saskatchewan town after its council said the motion to approve the expenditure passed accidentally.

On Jan. 10, three members of Meadow Lake's council voted in favour of dipping into the town's $30,000 centennial fireworks fund to make the donation to victims of the Dec. 26 Indian Ocean tragedy.

Two councillors voted against the motion.

A third opposed the donation as well, but thought he couldn't vote because he was sitting in for the mayor at the meeting, so the vote passed 3-2.

Meadow Lake's mayor, who was in hospital at the time, later challenged the validity of the vote.

By that time, the cheque from the town of 5,000 residents had been handed over to the Red Cross.

However, Red Cross spokesperson Bonnie Braden said the agency had no problem refunding the donation.

"They can rest assured their money will be in their hands," she told the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Monday.