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Thread: Vince Carter: Has any player made putting the ball

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    I can't remember a guy as smooth as he is, who make it look as easy as he does. I mean, Jordan was obviously the greatest BY FAR of all time, but that man worked for every bucket he got. Vince just kind of floats to the hoop or springs over his man for a jumper. I never saw Gervin play, so I was wondering if he was kind of the same way. Anyone?

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    How about Tmac and Reggie?

    you cant mess with 13 points in 35 seconds. i still dont believe it.

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    For someone like me who wasnt 100% for getting Carter because of the attitude issues and injury problems I have been totally wrong about this guy. I think I am in full agreement that I have never seen a guy make it look so easy on the court as Carter has. The guy is amazing and the attitude is totally different than anything I remember from watching him in college and the pros. I've seen footage of Gervin on stuff like ESPN Classics and he may be the closest thing to Carter. He wan't as explosive as Carter but always looked to do everything with ease out there. Of course those are also more highlights than full games, but its pretty close. I dont think there has been anybody in the past 20 years or so that has ever made it look easier than Carter.

    I wouldnt compare him to Miller at all. Reggie is all over the court having to work to get open and almost everything looks hectic when hes coming off a screen and launching a shot in his prime. He also wasnt a guy that could create so much. Carter just mkaes it look like he isn't even breaking a sweat and its all in slow motion. T-Mac isn't anywhere near his league as he still in the get to the basket stage of his career rather than having range from all over. Duncan is the only guy who looks so smooth on the court, but thats a different position and a different style. James is going to be close as well.

    Come next year with Kidd(who looks close to 100% again), Carter, Jefferson, Kristic and at least one higher draft pick the Nets are going to be close to the best team in the East again.

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    You can see why he gets hurt so often. The man has no regard for the consequences upon landing when he goes airborne. Reckless abandon.

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    Originally posted by JumbalayaJet@Jan 30 2005, 11:20 PM
    You can see why he gets hurt so often. The man has no regard for the consequences upon landing when he goes airborne. Reckless abandon.
    at the same time you gotta respect his "no regards" when he goes to the basket but every now and then i hold my breath to make sure he comes down alright. Anway, he is the best thing that's happened to the nets in helping fill the void of kenyon. next season when kidd, carter, and jefferson are all healthy, krstic is more developed and we have a badass rookie PF, the eastern conference better take notice of the Nets dominance and get the damn respect we deserve cause we are the best team in the tri-state area over the past couple years.


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