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Thread: Knick fans Is it time to dismantle?

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    The Knicks are going nowhere, its a poorly constructed team, they are in salary cap hell, and on and on and on. The question is do the Knicks finally take the steps to tear this team apart and try to get into the draft. The Knicks should get a very high draft selection this season. I think they have none in 2006, due to the trade with Phoenix. Allan Houston, Stephon Marbury, and Vin Baker probably can not be traded. Tim Thomas probably is stuck here as well.

    Do you want to trade a Kurt Thomas to a team like the Clippers or Nets on teh fringe of the playoffs. Someplace where you can get an expiring contract and a 1st round draft selection in either this years draft or the 2006 draft? A guy like Nazr Mohammed might get you a late first round choice from a good team looking to make a run. Maybe in Moochie Norris and Jerome Williams you can get a contract back that is done this year rather than being stuck with them until 2007. For Crawford you could probably get back a decent mid round 1st in a draft plus a decent player who can play the 3 or 4 for a year or 2.

    Is there any reason you would want to keep this same team if Isiah could make some moves, even if you would not get back something great in retrun and would have to be even worse, if thats possible, than you are now? As things stand in 2007 your lineup may be Marbury, Houston, Crawford, Williams and Thomas with a maybe a draft pick thrown in from 2005. Thats awful. In 2009 its still Crawford, Steph, and Thomas and still little cap flexibility. If they dont make any moves to rebuild its looking like at least 8 more years until they could get good again.

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    Meanwhile, the Nets and ''Vinsanity'' are proving again why they have left the Knicks in the dust in recent years. :lol:

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    I've finally baught into the Marbury-curse theories

    lets trade him back to New Jersey B)

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    Originally posted by blackout806@Feb 5 2005, 02:56 PM
    lets trade him back to New Jersey B)
    Ok, but be sure and include Tim Thomas in the deal. :lol:


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