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Thread: Title Insurance and Real Estate Settlement

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    Cornerstone Real Estate Services LTD, based in Huntington, Long Island, NY is a national real estate service company offering expertise in real property information, title insurance and complete settlement services. Cornerstone’s clients include mortgage and title companies as well as real estate agents and attorneys.

    We do this by offering services via our extensive network of over 4,000 abstractors, 5,000 notary closers, 1,200 title agents, and 1,000 real estate attorneys. Currently we offer services for outsourcing on a national basis, document retrieval, current owner searches, mobile closings, and full title insurance.

    We have coverage in 33 states including every state on the Eatern Seaboard. We use Ramquest state of the art technology to process all title and closings where every aspect of the transaction can be monitired online.

    Please visit our website at:

    You can also call us at: 631.421.9535

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    I will be getting my closer in touch with you soon. As soon as we find the right property for her to open her own title company. She wants to keep her overhead low by not hiring an "in-House" Searcher. This may be a good fit.


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