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Thread: Chicago Trib Censors Kennedy Cartoon

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    The Chicago Tribune refused to run one of it regular cartoon strips on Monday because it alluded to Sen. Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick scandal.

    As recounted by Editor & Publisher, Monday's "Prickly City" cartoon showed two of the strip's main characters talking about the Condoleezza Rice confirmation hearings.

    "Did you hear what Ted Kennedy said during the Condoleezza Rice confirmation?" said one character. "'They lied and people died.'" The other character replied: "Wow! Ted Kennedy said that? Was he driving?"

    The driving reference conjured up the image of Kennedy's car careening off the Edgartown Bridge in July 1969, with his aide, Mary Jo Kopechne, trapped inside. Kennedy swam to safety while Kopechne drowned.

    But it wasn't the Kopechne allusion to which the Trib objected.

    At least that's what associate managing features editor Geoff Brown told E&P:

    "The first two panels of the strip stated as fact that Sen. Ted Kennedy made a certain comment in a public forum," he said, referring to the "they lied" quote. "Kennedy made no such comment in that forum."

    Brown said his decision to cut "Prickly City" had nothing to do with liberal bias. "We challenge 'The Boondocks' and 'Doonesbury' often," he insisted.


    Wonder if they freely censor many of the ugly anti-GWB cartoon??

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    That ...... defines priceless.


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