There is no question what the knicks need to do, they need to rebuild the team, and they need to rebuild the team around Crawford, Ariza, and Sweetney.

As of now we have a lot of overpaid players, but their contracts end soon, and Isiah needs to keep them so we can clear as much cap room as we can. He better not trade them for players with worse contracts.

But first the knicks need to keep Penny, cause his deal ends this year. Keep Tim Thomas because his deal ends next season.

But, Isiah needs to trade players like Marbury, Kurt Thomas, Mohammed, and others and try and get expiring contracts in return, much like what the suns did to us where they got rid of Marburys and Pennys contracts for a bunch of expiring ones where they were able to sign Nash and Q. Rich. Some possible players and teams are A. Walker from the hawks, his deal ends this year, and Abdur Rahim from the Blazers, his deal is up at the end of the year too. The Blazers also have a bunch of other players with expiring contracts.

But, Allan Houston is a problem. We wont be able to trade him this year, but possibly next year or the year after. A team looking to get rid of a bunch of bad contracts will probably trade for him, but at that time, we have to keep him and let his deal expire. If we cant trade Houston before the deadline, then keep him and let his deal expire.

The knicks just need to rebuild, and try to trade away all of their bad contracts for players whose contracts expire at the end of this year or next.

Too bad, New York fans cant wait, and need to win now, so i dont know what we will be doing.

Isiah, PLEASE REBUILD!!! And trade away Starbury!!!!