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Thread: Arrested Development

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    Could take some warming up to - but this show - which I believe Fox has already cancelled -will be talked about for years.

    Rent the DVD of Season 1 - this is a look at how richly written, well-directed and subtly acted sitcoms could be if some more thought went into it.

    It's the story of the Bluth family, whose father went to prison for some unethical business practices with his building company. Jason Bateman is hte son who tries to keep the family of neer'dowells together.

    It's friggin great.


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    It's still on there air man. It's on like sundays and stuff. Why would Fox cancel it? It won the emmy for best comedy for it's 1st season, Jason Batemen won a emmy and some other big award for his acting...and the show is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. It is the only non-slap stick fart joke comedy on TV besides scrubs that is totally enjoyable week after week. It's one of the highest rated shows on Fox so why would they cancel it? if it's true, I'll be picketing outside the Fox network headquarters tomorrow.

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    Very funny show. Well written and one of the few programs I'll go out of my way to watch.


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