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Thread: The 800 lb. Gorilla in the all this monkey guano

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    If Ford and GM and every other car company saw that in certain markets they got decent but no great sales of cars, while in newer markets the sales sucked, they wouldn't allocate resources to marketing to those bad markets, and especially not a the expense of those long-term solid if unspectacular makrets.

    If fast food restaurant chains saw that in some towns they couldn't sell anything, they wouldn't keep building there at the expense of solid markets. Clsoe the dogs.

    Granted, those analogies don't hold up when you can see that Ford and GM compete within the same industry, while sports franchises are partners with their league membership. Bottom line though is the Bettman NHL allowed the economics of the worst-performing franchsies to dictate to the whole NHL.

    They dumped a sold-out Winnipeg team into Phoenix, where no one cares.

    They dumped a sold-out Hartford into Carolina, where no one cares.

    The expanded to places they had no business being(nashville, Atlanta, Columbus) when some markets(Pitt, Buffalo) weren't healthy in the 1st place.

    It's like they NHL spent all their time and money marketing to customers who would never watch a hockey game if you paid them to do so. And did so to piss off their actual fans.

    Screw my solid, decent loving wife-I'll chase some miserable hot schrew who wants nothing to do with and will ignore me!

    I blame Bettman. Yes, the NHL needs some lag on salaries . But again, if these knucklehead owners didn't spend money like drunken sailors, they wouldn't even need that. Protect me-from my own checkbook! And the whole comparison with the NFL is ludicorous. The NFL's revenues are totally above board-tv and licensing that are publicly known. Each franchise in the NHL has a different setup.

    But it was Bettman that sold all these guys that they could be the NFL and the NBA. It could never happen. And now the players-who know all this-are stuck not being able to say that several teams need to go, because they would be admitting that there are too many NHLPA member jobs.

    Bettman allowed all this expansion, which diluted the talent to the point that the only way to coach is to clutch and grab. The NHLPA was willing to have a soft cap with a salary tax, and Bettman woulnd't do it. And now, Bettman's big idea is new uniforms as per SI this week. Oh, that will solve everything!

    I'm done with the NHL. Until they close the weak sisters and strengthen the talent pool, there's no point. There's no law that NHL teams haev to stay in buinsess forever. If it's that bad, CLOSE AND SHUT UP!

    Bettman doesn't see that people like me-big hockey fans who used to buy tickets-no longer care to watch the sport he's killed. He doesn't market stars or enforce the rules to make it watchable. Jarome Inglia could walk into any mall in America without being bothered; that's a disgrace. He fought the Olympics rather than embracing them as an opportunity. And above all, it was he who kept this Ponzi scheme of fool's gold expansion money going instead of shoring up the fan base he had. The few of us who might come back aren't holding our breath, and we see that the planet didn't fall out of alignment when the games stopped.

    Enjoy your cost certainty and snazzy Reebok unis, Gary. And then go to Hell.

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    Good Post--In addition, all this mid-ice trap hockey is also a by-product of over expansion. When you have 7/8 talentless expansion teams, the only way they can compete is to block lanes and fortify their own blue line. If you can stay with a team you have a chance to tie. If you tie every game, you end up with 80 points and your in the playoffs. Soccer has the same problem. If Luxembourg is playing Brazil, their goal is try to keep the ball bouncing around mid field and play for a 0-0 tie. Basketball used to have the same problem, but instituted a 24-second clock to keep reluctant teams moving.

    Solution: whittle the league down to 24 teams, get rid of the center-ice line and make any holding/hooking/interference penalties 3 minute minors. The power play is the most exiting 2 minutes in sports when you have two quality teams.

    Of course none of this will happen.

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    3 minutes may not make sense. But everything else-especially 24 teams-makes sense. But Bettman won't do it. And the NHLPA won't advocate cutting 100-150 jobs. But you're totally right.

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    Bugg - excellent post. You are on the money.

    Cutting down to 24 teams is a start, but in actuality, based on the following that Hocket seems to receive, 20 should be the max. And leaving HArtford and Winnipeg were collossial blunders.

    Let's leave a cold weather city, and go into the valley of the sun. That's where Hockey belongs.

    Right. :unsure:


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