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Thread: Webber traded to Philly

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    Kings are getting basically garbarge, and overall they're not even dumping salary or years, makes little sense for them.
    If they're willing to trade him for so little, Isaiah should have been able to get him for some of the crap the Knicks have

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    Good move by Philly if they think they can win this year or next. This vaults them over Boston and the way the Nets are playing the Nets. Ill be curious to see if he is still any good without the Kings machine around him, because Webber hasn't looked good in some time, despite the numbers. Sacramento must have some other plans and need to use these players in trades to match salary because this is not waht the Kings need unless they are giving up on winning right now and just looking to escape a contract.

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    Yeah i thought at first this was a dumb move by sacramento, but then i figured this way, they can give peja the contract he wants at the end of the season and still go after a high profile free agent. what pf's contracts are ending? I know amare's is, unless the suns starters are playing for peanuts, i don't see how they can afford him next season. we'll see though.


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