New York Knicks-San Antonio Spurs-Houston Rockets: The Knicks are in the process of adding more big salaries to their roster.

Two league sources told ESPN Insider Chad Ford that New York has traded Nazr Mohammed and Jamison Brewer to the Spurs for Malik Rose and a first-round pick.

The Knicks also traded Vin Baker and Moochie Norris to the Rockets for Maurice Taylor and a first-round pick, Ford reports.

Once again, team president Isiah Thomas is willing to take back huge contracts to get more talent. In the Spurs deal, the Knicks are sending back $5.5 million in future salaries for the remaining four years, $27.3 million of Rose's contract.

In the Rockets deal, Thomas is sending back $8 million in future salaries and getting back $18 million in return. In total, the Knicks, who have the largest payroll in the league, will add an extra $32 million in future salaries.

For the Rockets, this trade was a salary dump and an effort to shore up a thin point-guard crop.

For the Spurs, not only did the clear $21 million in long term salary, they got another legit center in Mohammed -- something the team felt the desperately needed.

Trade with Spurs is awful, Mohammes has been playing pretty well, better than Malik Rose, Rose is making a lot of money and the first round pick will likely be the last.

Trade with Rockets is OK, didn't give up much, basically getting a first round pick which will be fairly late in exchange for taking on $10 million