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Thread: OT: NBA Playoffs

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    OT: NBA Playoffs

    Since there isn't any football news as of late besides the signing of the 7 Jets i thought i'd see what you all think about the NBA playoffs. Who do you think will get the Final spot in the East and the Final spot in the West. You are you taking in the Finals? I got my money on Miami and San Antonio.

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    Miami/Phoenix.....alot depends on Duncan's injury. If he is ok then the Spurs will be tough. But i love watching Phoenix play. I really want Shaq to win the title...since I'm in LA you can imagine the "kobe" hype i had to hear all offseason, and man am I loving it now! Suckers!! Miami and Detroit will be a slugfest in the Conf Finals. If I'm San Antonio I am dreading the first round matchup with Denver. They are red hot and have a coach who has lots of playoff experience. Im thinking Denver can/will upset them if Duncan is not 100%. My sentimental pick is Indiana, I'd like to see Reggie Miller get his ring finally. I know you are NYers and hate him but I give him alot of props for being loyal to his organization and being stand-up guy, never getting into trouble.

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    Miami/Dallas(just a hunch)

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    Nets will get the 8th spot baby ROCK! I actually wish they missed out cause then we'd get a better spot in the draft but it's cool.

    I am gonna say Finals will be Heat/Suns. I don't know, i think duncan is gonna be rusty coming off the IL. And Dallas is hot but the Suns are just plain nasty. Heat and the Suns are the only two stand out teams right now so i'm gonna say the Suns in SIX games!


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