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Thread: Deadly 2 days for cops

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    Deadly 2 days for cops

    35 cops have now died in the line of duty in 2005, with 3 more falling since yesterday.

    The state of Illinois lost 2, while Kansas lost another. One was shot, one killed in a crash, and another cop suffered a heart attack while chasing a suspect.

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    Posted for 7 days and no one has anything to say. But hey, Tom Delay has a relative working for him like 95% of congress.

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    To be fair GOB, what can be said about this other than it is horrific, which is clear in the initial post?

    Personally, I saw no need for a reply when I read it. I just shook my head, said a prayer and moved on.

    I wouldn't take it as a slight or like nobody cares.

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    A short time ago (month or so) we had 4 young RCMP officers killed by a crazy on a farm near a small town not all that far from the city I live in. Was a terrible shock and a very sad thing indeed.


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