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Thread: Google map finds Area 51?

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    Google map finds Area 51?


    check it out

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    I was testing out their "google keyhole" app a couple weeks ago, and decided to look up area 51 also. Found it myself.

    I couldn't get an address, so I went to a geek website and found Latitude/Longitude coordinates.

    My image was blurrier than this but it's the same place. I'll post it if I can find a site to host my image

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    That must be a mirage because Area 51 doesn't exist... ;)

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    Black helicopters landing in your yard in 3.....2......1

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    [QUOTE=Piper]Black helicopters landing in your yard in 3.....2......1[/QUOTE]

    lol, I've been flagged!

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    You want conspiracy theories? Google Kathaksung, see what you get. :D

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    this has always been available through the usgs website and the terraserver. also, for people who don't realize it already, since people on the linked website did not, the photos are not live. some of them are as old as early 90s photographs.


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