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Thread: 8th Inning.

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    8th Inning.

    16 batters, 13 hits, 12 runs, 4 home runs.
    35 minutes.

    Insane, I thought this game was clearly over when it was 10-2, thank god I hate basketball and left the game on. Hope they save some runs for tomorrow.

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    Wow! I have no words to describe this win.

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    I was there. Quite a game and quite an inning.

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    I was readyto tune out when Randy left the game. But I decided to hang in there. I actually felt they had a chance when Proctor turned in a scoreless 5th. Then the chipping away began. The run the Rays got to make it 11-7 was almost it for me, but I decided to hang in till the end, since it already was the 8th. Glad I did!!

    The shots I most admire were Bernie's triple, and both Hr's by Sheff, as well as Matsui's bomb to the "black". The Yanks hit a bunch on the nose, but those 4 stand out to me. Especially Bernie's and Matsui's.

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