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Thread: Season Over.....

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    Season Over.....

    That ends it, this team is done.

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    Dude, it is mid-season!

    While I feel this yankee team has been very overrated this year, you still cannot rule them out. Jebus you guys are up and down. One minute it is "yeah, the boys are back yanks rule again!" then it is "fire Cashman! fire Mel! Pavano sucks! wah-wah-wah!"

    It's a marathon, not a sprint. But the yanks have to look to moves by the front office, not the field to save this season.

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    Losing to Tampa tonight makes it over, if you believe it is over then it was over way before tonight.

    If they are still playing like this end of July and they are 7+ games out then I might agree it doesn't look promising, but I'll wait a little longer before I throw in the towel.

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    It's time for Torre to go... A post I made on another forum:

    I guess he realized Flash was getting too much of a break, so he decides to use him in a game we are winning by 9 runs, and then for 2 F*CKING INNINGS when are down by 2 runs in tonght's game. As soon as he threw 4 straight balls, I could see he was tired from the overuse, but Torre actually sends him out for a 2nd inning of work. Not only was this a horrendous move because it was obvious to anyone except for Torre, who must have been napping as usual, that Flash was out of gas, but it was horrible because now we can't use Flash tomorrow.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. When someone makes a mistake, they usually learn from them. Torre obviously made a mistake with his overuse of Flash and Quantrill last year, but fails to learn a f*cking thing. Can we please fire this completely overated manager?

    Just look at his last 3 seasons: 2003: In game 5 of the world series of a tied game, he has two pitchers on his bench. He has the best postseason pitcher in the history of baseball and he has a pitcher who struggled for over a season and hadn't pitched in over 3 weeks. Who does he go with? Well, we all know and it obviously failed. Most managers would be fired for that mistake alone.

    2004: Completely kills two of his relievers arms by October and they both give up games to the red sox in the ALCS. Not only that, but he forgets to pinch run and try to steal bases when Wakefield is pitching and doesn't have Loaiza walk Ortiz with the base open. There's a saying that you don't let the other teams best player beat you. Torre failed to do that.

    2005: In spring training he says he has the best team since 1998, but the team has been horrendous. Not that this is Torre's fault, but the fact that he bats Woemack in the 2 spot hurts the team before each game starts. He also keeps Russ Johnson instead of Andy Phillips. And, worst of all, he continues to overuse Sturtze and Gordon. It's time for Joe to go.


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